OSSA is committed to providing the highest standards of excellence in our operations; both for our valued employees and for our treasured customers. We, at OSSA, have a mandatory policy of full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing the areas and type of work we perform.

We have stepped “outside the box” to find exceptional cooks and utility hands and constantly strive to provide our customers that “just right” experience with respect to their catering needs. Our screening of potential new hires is purposefully intense because OSSA focuses on hiring only the best, competent and qualified personnel working in the industry today. We require complete physicals, drug screening, and full background checks for all new hires. Additionally, all new hires are required to complete an intensive OSSA in-house safety training process.

OSSA offers all of our employees transportation to and from work assignments in our company vehicles in which 99% of employees utilize. We believe this is crucial as it accomplishes the following:

  • Ensures that every employee is ready, willing, and able to work.
  • Ensures that every employee has all necessary safety equipment.
  • Ensures that every employee arrives safely and on-time for work.
  • Ensures that every employee arrives safely home at job’s end.

We are a very unique company in our industry. OSSA is committed to “Meeting All Of Your Company’s Catering Needs.”


James “Jim Bob” Moncrief