OSSA is committed to the continual pursuit of maintaining the highest standards of health, safety, security, and environmental performance. It is the policy of OSSA to always maintain compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and to conduct our operations in a manner that promotes safe work practices and avoids risk to our employees and the natural environment. OSSA implements a series of comprehensive and required training programs; as well as, internal controls in order to achieve the goals of this policy statement.

OSSA’s¬†objectives are:

  • To conduct our operations incident free with minimal risk to personnel and the environment.
  • To seek continuous improvement in regards to Health, Safety, Security, and the Environment (“HSSE”)
  • To build and maintain the strongest safety culture possible within OSSA and for all of our operations.
  • To achieve complete customer satisfaction by conforming to all mutually agreed upon HSSE requirements while protecting the well-being of all personnel, all assets, and the natural environment; all of which can be achieved through understanding and applying defined business practices, complying with established HSSE standards, and implementing continual improvements. Paramount attention will be given to safety and achieving error free processes, products, and services.

To achieve the above stated objectives, OSSA shall:

  • Consult and respond openly to our employees, customers, and contractors in regards to any health, safety, security, or environmental issues that may arise.
  • Report our performance openly and recognize those employees of OSSA who contribute to improving our HSSE performance.
  • Provide a suitable and sufficient training facility to ensure we have a technically competent staff trained in the most current HSSE processes and procedures available.
  • Participate in risk management, loss control, and monitoring process; both internally and with our customers to ensure our HSSE Management Systems are functioning correctly and that all hazards and risks have been assessed and properly mitigated.
  • Expect others who work with us to maintain that same high level of HSSE performance we demand from ourselves and support OSSA’s commitment to HSSE in all aspects.